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Wake Up
Personal Mentoring and Business Guidance
(Since 1998)

A Wake Up holiday is one designed to stimulate your positive energy by spending quality time here in the relaxing surroundings of the sunny Algarve with your Wake Up Mentor Joseph Tom Riach a dynamic, top business achiever, writer and success coach.

Wake Up offers Personal Coaching, Business Guidance for owners of small enterprises and Personnel Training, Incentive and Reward Events for their staff.



Lifestyle coaching aims to kick start your positive energy and increase your prospect of greater success, achievement or just quality of life.

But additionally and significantly, Wake Up provides a unique opportunity to work directly with a top achiever.

Benefit from learning the thoughts, ideas and practices of your Wake Up Host, Joseph T.Riach and seeing first hand the style of life achievable by anyone, irrespective of wealth.

The combination of a refreshing break in a warm climate while being coached in a relaxed, friendly ambience, while strolling, sipping wine, dining or sitting in the sun is the perfect solution.


Wake Up business guidance is ideal for Family-Owned or Privately-Run Companies and the Self-Employed. The purpose of having an enterprise is, after all, to achieve success and create wealth.

In times of growth, change or stress or any time when an outside view may be helpful, small businesses need the empathy and knowledge of someone who has 'been there', such as your Wake Up Host, Joseph T.Riach.

And the relaxed ambience of a Wake Up Break is the ideal way to get independent input while strolling, sipping wine, dining or golfing - the perfect solution.


The motivational boost of Wake Up Mentoring is ideal for owners of small businesses wishing to train, incentivise or reward staff with an overseas learning and leisure break but without the formality or cost of a major convention.

Like all Wake Up experiences the event can be tailored to your own requirements and the coaching is personally conducted by your Wake Up Host, Joseph T.Riach, a dynamic, proven business achiever.

As a business owner you may first wish to visit personally and meet your host - the perfect solution.


Go to the BOOKING FORM and select "Non-Golf Holiday" and "Quote."

Enter your personal details and all information relevant to your Wake Up holiday request.

Include dates and in the 'Other Information' section type 'Wake Up Break' and describe exactly what you would like your holiday to consist of.

We will consult with you regarding your requirements before advising you of the price and then inviting you to confirm your booking.

Personal Mentoring and Business Guidance
Wake Up

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"I was a bit cynical about self-improvement generally but the time spent with you was a revelation. The best part was the relaxed informality, and the Algarve ambience and climate certainly helped, but most important was having a real down to earth been-there seen-it done-it mentor, not a learned-it-from-a-book guy. What you have achieved is impressive and you conveyed that with ease and passion. What I learned has also got me seriously thinking of starting my own business, so I'll be back to you for help with that. A real life changing experience, thank you so much. Warm regards - Eleanor D, Swiss Cottage."