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It took me some years to Wake Up 2 Wealth but I believe that in life only the most resolute of tryers will prevail and after several years of a bank account in a permanent state of cardiac arrest(!) my perseverance began to pay. I became a successful Business Consultant, Investment Adviser and award-winning Salesperson and Marketing Professional and I coined the term 'Creative Solutions' to describe my work in devising and implementing innovative approaches to situations in business, commerce and industry (some call it touble-shooting). From my successes I grew my own group of small companies.

By later years I had realised that sheer sweat and toil did not represent the smartest or swiftest routes to wealth. Entrepreneurs, I observed, had always existed able to create fortunes from little apparent effort and I became increasingly fascinated by this phenomenon. I set out to emulate this approach and such was my success that by 1996 I could 'retire' at an early age to the tranquility and calm of South West France and I later moved on to Southern Portugal.

In 1998 I set up my WAKE UP Personal & Business Mentoring Course in which I school visiting guests on the 'secrets of my success'. Click the name for info. as to how you can meet up with me. And, for those unable to visit me personally or who wish to have a permanent reference of my shockingly simple route to riches, I have written WAKE UP 2 WEALTH. It is my best seller, click on name to discover how having it could transform your life.

I also established in 2002 ALGARVE GOLF HOLIDAYS (click on) and I continue with my writing work - see FREELANCE WRITER for information on commissions and my works.

And you'll find a fuller background on me by clicking on to JOSEPH T.RIACH here.


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Wake Up 2 Wealth
Hello, I'm Tom Riach, Welcome to Wake Up 2 Wealth!

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"One member who consistently shares valuable content is Tom Riach. His press releases are amazing, you really need to go out of your way to read them. Below I will share one of Tom's recent posts with you. It is called - The Art Of Selling (click on the title to read). This is "must reading" for every single person who is trying to make money online. What Tom suggests is that we are selling ourselves and by reading his PR you will learn how to sell yourself better!" - Don Merrill, Network Marketing Coach (click name to contact).

Posted 14th January 2015
'My word is my bond' is not an expression that you hear much these days. You're even less likely to come across it actually being applied in practice - and that's a shame. Because those words hark back to a time when a man's word was binding and it was considered dishonourable to go back on ones word. Today is different .... more

Posted 7th January 2015
"And just what do you think you are doing boy!" The words boomed in my ear. I jumped, oh crikes, caught cribbing my Latin exam! The text book which I had been surreptitiously trying to consult under the desk fell to the floor (these were pre-Google days)! and the master who had crept up behind me twisted my ear and stared at me accusingly .... more

Posted 1st January 2015
Sitting, sweat-soaked and breathless, astride the trig point on the summit of Sao Miguel, I quaffed throat fulls of champagne from my mini-magnum, hummed strained bars of Auld Lang Syne and consumed the breathtaking vista of the Algarve unfolding below me as dawn broke. Yes 2015 had arrived! .... more

Posted 6th December 2014
Huddled in the soaking cold of the trench, the Corporal grabbed the letters thrust at him by the mail runner and immediately ripped them open. The first was from his mother. It spoke of home and longing to see him return safely. The second was from his sweetheart. It spoke of love and desire and a wish to hold him in her arms. .... more

Posted 1st December 2014
The Independent Thinker awakened from his deep, untroubled sleep at exactly the hour that he had predetermined; just as he had done every day for most of his adult life. He needed no alarm clock nor companion to arouse him and the time at which he wanted to awaken could vary, as indeed could his location or well-being .... more

Posted 16th November 2014
In my business hay day, a steady stream of prospective clients would call on me daily. They'd sit before me and, almost without exception, start with the same introduction. It went like this : "Georgia Brown (or whoever) said to see you because you won't try to sell me anything." .... more

Posted 30th September 2014
There is no substitute for real life experience. But sometimes this can take the form of time spent in the company of someone who possesses wisdom which you lack. From the countless such encounters which have featured heavily in my life and thus helped shape my destiny, following are two of the most significant. .... more

Posted 26th September 2014
"Please, Mr.Millionario, sir," asked the wide-eyed business aspirant, "Could you tell us what it takes to become such a super-successful entrepreneur?" "Alright," replied the great man grudgingly, "Just once, just this once I'll let you in on my secret," and, leaning forward and speaking in a significant, confidential murmur he whispered, "It's F.H.W." .... more

Posted 9th August 2014
Four tedious summer weeks without a Formula One dust up is just too much to endure. Serious cold turkey time. And the Woolsack is like a morgue. All my supposed buddies have taken themselves off to the seaside or some dreadful Costa villa with their wives and families. What's the fun in that? .... more