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Joseph T.Riach is a Professional Financial Advisor and Investment Strategist of over 30 years standing, providing Investment Advice to the ex-pat market, personal and corporate, here in Portugal and in Spain. He is part of the specialist Iberian team of the independent international consultancy, Affinity Global Wealth.

Tom specialises in identifying Low Risk Capital Preservation and Savings opportunities not linked to stock markets which can give attractive and consistant returns to Savers / Investors / Pension Funds in all times.

He also offers Retirement Planning Advice. He has written a Guide to QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) for British ex-pats located anywhere in the world, Read It Here.


Any time is a good time to have a 'financial health check' but usually the best time is now! So what should be your priorities?

Well, what are your financial goals?
How much should you have as an emergency fund?
What is the most tax efficient way to structure your finances?
How to get consistant attractive returns irrespective of stock market volatility?
How much do you need to save for retirement or for education fees?
Is your debt manageable? The list can indeed be endless.

The wise solution therefore is to seek the guidance of a Professional Advisor.


You may contact Joseph T.Riach Here or telephone him directly on (00 351) 914021159 in order to arrange a confidential consultation. Email .

Tom supports Centre Algarve, a registered charity and holiday centre catering for special needs children. So when you work with Tom you help these children to enjoy a much needed holiday here in the sunny Algarve.

Note : Affinity Global Wealth is a fully regulated firm of independent financial advisors (IFA). There is no charge for an initial financial review and clients are under no obligation to follow advice given. See Compliance.

by Joseph Tom Riach,
Senior Wealth Manager with Affinity Global Wealth, Portugal

Capital Preservation : Savings : Pension Transfers
Income Generation

At a time of historically low interest being earned by savers on bank current and savings accounts, finding ways to Preserve Capital and Increase Returns without exposure to volatile stockmarkets has become a priority for many. The good news is that such opportunities, Low-Risk Investments with consistantly good gains and not related to stockmarkets, do exist. Yet even in this information technology age many savers are unaware of them.

The reason that savers may not know about non-stockmarket related low-risk investments, many of which consistantly yield year-on-year gains greater than current bank savings rates, is because they are often not widely advertised, nor indeed available, to the general public. The investment houses and fund managers running these investments accept funds mostly only in large tranches such as put forward by pension trusts and other pooled investment vehicles and therefore only promote the funds to these 'wholesale' markets and not to the retail market. And even where the opportunities are available to the general public the charges can be high.

This is where a major advisory group with a substantial client base comes into play. Fully regulated and independent, Affinity Global Wealth based in Vilamoura, Spain and Gibraltar, have exclusive opportunities not linked to stockmarkets which can be of value to savers and investors in all times. With their considerable market influence, Affinity can not only access these low-risk opportunities for the small saver but can do so at lower thresholds and considerably lower cost than can be available to individual investors in the instances where they are able to deal directly.

Joseph Tom Riach, a Low-Risk Wealth Management specialist with over 30 years offshore investment experience and an Appointed Representative of Affinity Global Wealth, gives clients the additional benefit of providing a no-cost, no-obligation financial planning service to advise on and monitor investments on an on-going basis; a service often only available to the wealthy and at high cost. Tom guarantees complete client confidentiality; he does not network client information nor does he cold call. He works only on a personal referal, introduction and invitation basis.

Let's summarise the above, What is Available and What are the Benefits :

Low-Risk Investments
* Not related to stock markets. * Consistant year-on-year returns. * Returns considerably greater than current bank interest rates. * Returns unaffected by movement in share or bond prices. * Capital protected opportunities. * Fixed term or open ended investments. * Income and/or growth structures. * Suitable for Personal Pensions, Pension Transfers, Investment, Income Generation and General Savings. * Fully regulated, safe, tax-free jurisdictions. * Reputable, secure fund managers.

Affinity Global Wealth
* Access to Low-Risk investment opportunities. * Low costs, initial and on-going, negociated with investment and fund managers. * Low entry thresholds. * Fully regulated. * Independent.

Joseph Tom Riach
* Advice on Low-Risk investment opportunities. * No cost, no obligation. * Free on-going management and planning service. * Quarterly review meetings and regular monitoring. * 30 years offshore investment and business advisory experience. * 10 years resident in the Algarve. * Confidentiality guaranteed. * By personal referal, introduction or invitation only.

To learn more about Low-Risk Capital Preservation opportunities, contact Joseph Tom Riach by telephone at 914021159 for a confidential, no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Or Email . Or attend one of his popular 'wine-and-chat' introductions which he hosts regularly at various venues throughout the region. Inquire at 914021159 regarding Tom's upcoming events.


Affinity Global Wealth is a trading style of Global Partners Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission Gibraltar (Licence No. FSC1118B), and registered with the Instituto de Seguros de Portugal and the CMVM in Portugal. It is recommended that investors seek professional advice as to the suitability of any funds; the advertised examples do not constitute an offer to enter into any contract nor is it a solicitation to buy or sell any investment. Investors should be aware that the units can rise and fall perhaps resulting in their capital being at risk.

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