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- Your complete guide to QROPS
(Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes)

QROPS Transfers
Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, USA.

Wake Up 2 Wealth gives you all the information to establish whether you qualify for a QROPS. If you do, we will introduce you to a specialist provider in the appropriate jurisdiction. Read on ....

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Wake Up 2 Wealth supplies independent information on QROPS pension transfers (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes).

Many varieties of QROPS exist all over the world, each offering different structures and solutions. Here we present the facts simply and guide you to the QROPS solution most suitable for YOU.

Reasons you may wish to transfer your UK pension(s) to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme include :

1. To ensure that your pension pot can pass 100% to your spouse or other beneficiary.
2. To enjoy the flexibility of controlling your own pension(s).
3. To invest your money freely as you choose.
4. To increase fund growth opportunities (accumulate more money)!
5. To unlock tax free cash.
6. To free your pension(s) from the ever-increasing risk of erosion of value if left in your current UK based scheme(s).
7. To benefit from a more tax friendly regime.
8. To offset changes to tax relief (the Budget (2012) and ongoing legislation which continues to threaten the value of UK pensions.

Legislation introduced in April 2006 made it possible for British expats to transfer their UK pensions to QROPS with the approval of HMRC.
This means that you can take your UK pensions abroad with you when moving overseas or if leaving the UK on a long term basis.

Main points re. QROPS include :

First off, note that you must reach age 55 before starting to draw benefit but after that -

1. A QROPS doesn't die with you! It passes 100% to your spouse or other beneficiary.

2. QROPS are more flexible :

* More Investment Options
* More Draw-Down Options
* 100% After Death Benefits

Specifically -

* QROPS offer higher growth potential.
* QROPS offer higher income potential.
* QROPS can offer substantial tax advantages
* QROPS give greater investment freedom.
* QROPS may pay a larger lump sum at retirement.
* Most UK pensions can be transferred to QROPS.
* Transfers can include Protected Rights funds.
* Transfers can include pensions already in draw-down (from a Self-Invested Personal Pension Scheme for example) but not where an annuity has already been purchased.
* Most QROPS are not taxed at source whereas UK pensions are. This creates the possibilty of tax savings.

And by the way ..... You cannot transfer a State Pension!

Well there will be individuals for whom that is the best advice, leave it/them where they are. That is why it is essential to talk to a professional specialist. To have a qualified consultant contact you, Please Click Here.

But ....

** UK pensions have experienced poor fund growth and generally have lost substantial value during the financial crisis.

** Large shortfalls have been reported by many UK pension providers which could lead to deteriorating payments and conditions in years to come. With QROPS YOU control your money and the investments.

** By retiring abroad but leaving your pension in the UK you could leave yourself liable to tax on the pension, potentially as high as 80%!

** And many UK pensions die with you ie. there is no benefit passes on to surviving spouse or family. QROPS on the other hand are heritable, you can leave your entire pension fund to your chosen beneficiaries.

** A UK pension offers little or no control over the investments within the fund. With a QROPS you can decide on the investments and pick investments more appropriate to your own individual circumstance and preference. This can mean higher growth potential and a bigger pension pot!

So when considering a QROPS transfer it's essential to seek advice from a pension specialist. They'll know which QROPS from the many available have the confidence of the industry and of investors as being reputable and secure ... but ... QROPS come in many forms and there is not a single solution suitable to all. The QROPS must be the right one for YOU!

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Your complete guide to QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes)
Wake Up 2 Wealth